Fiona Christie

Hi, I’m a love attraction mindset coach and author for women in mid-life just like you. I’ll show you how to improve your relationship with yourself so you can start attracting the RIGHT relationships and create a life filled with shared experiences whilst keeping your sense of independence.

My Roadmap to Love course has helped hundred of women create loving relationships. For the ultimate in relationship attraction training join my Your Roadmap to Love coaching program.

This course will help you to:

  • Discover what it takes to fully LOVE YOURSELF
    Uncover the OUTDATED BELIEFS that have been holding you back from meeting the right one
    Become a magnet to your ideal one by understanding how to supercharge your VIBRATIONAL ENERGY so you can align with and attract the love of your life
  • Understand how the alignment of your thoughts and EMOTIONS is the biggest drawcard to attracting the life partner you long for so you can avoid repeating the patterns of your past
  • Let’s go shopping to refine your list using your new energetic ROADMAP. Become really clear about EXACTLY who your future love is and how you will attract them

I am embarking on running COURSES. Stay tuned as I will have downloadable information guides with useful tips. My BLOG provides a forum for personal development, tips & advice and all things I’m passionate about. BOOK yourself 30 minute discovery call with Fiona Christie, Mindset coach and author of Your Roadmap to Love.

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