Fiona ChristieFiona Christie is the love attraction coach for women in mid-life who want to attract a relationship with the right one and create a life filled with shared loving experiences.

She helps women learn how to love themselves so much that they attract someone who loves them back.

Her books Shopping List for LIfe, Shopping List for Love and One Minute Goals share her own and others life experiences providing a roadmap to creating a life filled with love and joy.

Her Road to Love program (formerly known as Shopping List for Love) has helped women all over the globe discover their own roadmap to love and happiness.

She’s a passionate self-discoverer, author, podcaster and a life-long lover of fury friends – her dog Orca is testament to that. She co-owns a 7 acre organic lifestyle property with her life partner David out in the country in rural New Zealand.

Even though I have figured a few things out about what most people refer to as ‘the law of attraction’, in particular how to attract the one that’s RIGHT for you, I’m also a real person who loves to:

  • catch up with friends,
  • sew – repurpose (create new from old),
  • cook – make up recipes out of my head (sometimes great and sometimes downright disgusting!),
  • spent quality time with my fur baby – I’m a besotted mummy to our dog Orca and my to my super talented fix anything guy Dave.

I’m passionate about changing the world one mid-life woman at a time. And the most powerful way I can do that is to empower women to love themselves and therefore attract a relationship with a partner who CAN love them back.

“My role in life is to help women with their relationship fears, beliefs and blocks which stop them loving themselves first and therefore attracting the partner of their dreams.”

You know those beliefs which say ‘all the good ones are gone’, ‘I’m too old’, ‘But what if it doesn’t last’, ‘Relationships are just hard work and then you get hurt’.

Think of me like the self-love magic fairy. Only you’re the one who does all the work – seriously – to attract the RIGHT one, you need to pump up the self love dial 1000 percent.

I feel like I’ve walked a mile in your shoes (well similar shoes anyway). I’ve been married twice, each time thinking – this is it, he’s ‘the one’. The second marriage was definitely better than the first in lots of ways but I realised there were some critical pieces of the puzzle missing – I needed to figure it out. And that’s exactly what I did and now I pass that on and fast track that journey for others.

Basically, I create programs for women to learn about how to not only attract the partner of their dreams but also to love themselves – and thrown into that mix is how to do money in relationships. I help you to love yourself through identifying and releasing all the limiting beliefs and blockages holding you back.

I’m really good at what I do, and I’ve helped hundreds of women completely change their relationship with themselves and therefore become a magnet to the RIGHT relationship.

I do that through:

My easy to navigate program Your Roadmap to Love – a blend of self-pace and in person style online workshop. Your Roadmap to Love – the program and community will change your life and help you discover the REAL you hiding behind the covers and attract the relationship you truly desire.

‘You Take You With you’ – you really need to hear that because if you don’t do the work required to truly learn to love yourself and to uncover the limiting beliefs which maybe buried, then you’ll just end up recreating the same kind of relationship all over again.