Fiona Christie

How do I use gratitude with the Law of Attraction to amplify my toolkit to ensure I attract the relationship of my dreams?  If you want to fast track attracting ‘the one’ into your life or you’re moving on after a significant breakup, you may not think you have much to be grateful for. In actual fact, a Gratitude Attitude can work real magic in your life.

What is Gratitude?

But what is gratitude? Derived from the Latin, Gratus, it’s the quality of being thankful and ready to show appreciation and kindness (even toward yourself!)

You can express gratitude for the things that you already have as well as (just as importantly) those things you’ve yet to receive.

You can even express gratitude for the struggles you’ve endured and the mistakes you’ve made. That may sound ridiculous, but there is a good reason for adopting a gratitude attitude, trust me.

The Power of a Gratitude Attitude.

Gratitude keeps you focused on the outcomes you want in life so that you’re able to manifest more of what you want. It does this by fine-tuning your Internal Vibration to align with the vibration of your goals.

By being grateful for the good things that have come into your life, you’re effectively sending a message out into the Universe asking for more. Did you make a big sale, receive a kind gift, or attract the attention of a romantic interest today? Be sure to express your gratitude and open the door to abundance.

It’s equally important and powerful to express gratitude for the things you are yet to receive. Doing so has the same effect as being grateful for what you have. Focusing your attention on your goals draws those outcomes closer to reality. Try this today with something small. It could be as simple as waking up early tomorrow morning, full of energy.

But what about those negative experiences, the struggles, the mistakes? Believe it or not, these are things to be grateful for too! Every such experience holds a lesson for you. When something bad happens, allow yourself a moment to pause and find the good in it.

For example, let’s say you bought a whole load of vegetables, only for most of them to go bad after a week. Considering the waste of money, you’d understandably feel pretty bad about it, right? But the lesson here might be that you need to start planning your meals before heading to the supermarket. Great lesson, right? If you implement it, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money! Being grateful for your mistakes helps you find the valuable lesson buried within.

A very simple but powerful gratitude technique

It’s time for the rubber to meet the road. This is a technique that I use in my own life that anyone can put into practice to attract more of the things they want into their lives.

  • Twice a day, I focus on ten things I’m grateful for. These can be things I have, things I’m yet to receive or lessons I’ve learned.
  • I do this as I fall asleep at night and as I awaken first thing in the morning.
  • These are the times of the day when you’re at your most relaxed and your mind is open to suggestion. My brain uncritically accepts these thoughts and goes to work in the background, finding a way to attract more of what I want.

As you practice this technique yourself, it’s important to inject some belief into it. Simply focusing on the words, ‘I am grateful for…’ may not cut it, particularly if you’re feeling low. To boost your belief to match your gratitude statement, try looking up and smiling as you focus on the ten things for which you’re grateful

Try this for a month and notice the emotional lift it gives you each day, not to mention the good things that come your way!

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