Fiona ChristieFor many women in midlife, the end of a marriage or significant relationship, leaving a job, an empty nest feels like an ideal time to reinvent yourself.

Whether it involves starting a business, meeting a new partner, or embarking on a new career, there is nothing more alluring than the promise of a bright future.

Unfortunately, despite our best intentions, we’ll often end up back where we started, whether it’s in the same kind of dead-end job as before, a relationship with the same problems as the last one, or sinking deeper into debt. Not to worry, though! Plenty of women have successfully reinvented themselves in midlife, and there is no reason you can’t be one of them!

I’m not going to tell you that change is easy, but here are some reinvention tips to help you step into the shoes of the woman you want to be in midlife.

Value yourself

So you know what you want, great! But do you feel worthy? Consider that for a moment.

Would you accept less than your desired outcome (ideal partner, career, salary etc.)? If the answer is Yes, then you have a little work to do. So often, we settle for less in our lives. Why? Because we don’t truly feel worthy of our goals. We worry that if we pass up the less-than-ideal job, there won’t be anything else for us. The same goes for our relationships. Ever settle for dating someone out of a lack of better options? It never ends well!

To successfully reinvent yourself in midlife, you need to start believing you are worthy of the outcome you want. An effective way to do that is to look at yourself from the point of view of your goal.

Are you living your life like someone who would naturally attract your desired outcome? For example, if your reinvention involves a bold career change, are you behaving, thinking, speaking, and feeling like someone worthy of that career? If not, it’s time to get aligned with your goal.

Valuing yourself means doing the work to align yourself with the future you want. Be honest with yourself about what it will take to be mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally ready for your future. What you give will align you with what you want to receive.

Check your alignment

Getting to where you want to be on your reinvention journey means staying on course. Periodically, you’ll need to check in with yourself to ensure your actions, thoughts, and feelings still align with your end goal.

One helpful technique is daily journaling. It works because it brings your attention to your actions, thoughts and feelings, making it easier to catch yourself straying off course. You might start the day with some alignment goals and then review how successful you were in the evening.

Be accountable

I’ve mentioned the value of having a consequence-based accountability system before. Set your micro-goals, share them with an accountability partner and pay the penalty for non-achievement. It may sound rigorous, strict, and therefore not a lot of fun, but the discipline it builds will serve your future self well.

Be grateful

Don’t forget that gratitude attitude! As covered in my previous post, being thankful for the good things in your life attracts more of that good stuff!

It won’t always be easy. Accept that.

Your reinvention journey won’t be without its setbacks, and there is no perfectly straightforward, simple path to where you want to go. You’ll make mistakes and might have to take the odd step backwards, but it’s in there are lessons in these moments. Accept them, learn from them and get back on track!

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